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Tips to Becoming an Even Better Real Estate Agent

  1. Think of yourself as a success - This may sounds to simple to be true, but it's not that simple really. Many people naturally find things that they dislike about themselves and focus on that. As a result they are creating a bubble of negativity around themselves acting as a magnet drawing even more negativity. That vicious circle has to stop, and it can be done. To achieve any goal one must think outside of the square and just do it. Once you begin to envision your success you will become successful.

  2. Have a business plan - Don't tell me that you have never pictured selling real estate as a business! Becoming a real estate agent is very much like starting YOUR business and you have to treat it as such. Developing a business plan may seem overwhelming, I have done it before, but there are some resources to help make it a little easier. Have a look at ASBTDC, it offers useful information to help you with your business plan.

  3. Market yourself to the fullest - Marketing your real estate business is crucial if you plan to succeed in this cutthroat industry. The number one thing separating an average real estate agent from an extraordinary real estate agent is exposure! Whether this exposure is online or offline you have to devote your energy towards marketing your business (see tip #2 above).

    It's a small world, and from a real estate agent's perspective, it's also a jungle. Real estate agents face as many competitors as a forty-niner during the gold rush and only the fittest will survive. In order to make yourself stand out from the competition, you need to let people know about yourself and your real estate skills. Some agents tend to be humble in nature, however, when it comes to professional success, you'll have to elbow your way to the top and mark your presence. There are a number of ways you can do so. Word of mouth marketing, social media marketing and even business card marketing can work well.
    However, if you prefer to sit back in your cosy chair and wait for the clients to know you and come to you, then you are doomed!

  4. Don't be afraid of trying new ideas - Trying new techniques and ideas can really give you an edge in the real estate industry. There is a constant stream of new tools, information and resources being handed to real estate agents, you just have to be willing to try them. It is true, that sometimes while trying new things you can shoot yourself in the foot so to speak, but on the other hand, that new idea could revolutionize the way that you sell homes, increase your success and increase your income. So what do you recon, is it worth a shot?

    Although there are still agents out there who believe a computer systems is not required to function efficiently, it has proven that they are wrong. Most successful agents working in today's highly competitive market are convinced that a good software program is a must have and a great help in becoming and remaining successful.

  5. Evaluate Your Work and Get Feedback - Ending with a sale or perhaps no sale, the cycle should end with an evaluation and analysis of your real estate work. Being able to accept and implement your clients' feedback effectively is an important trait of your profession. Like all other aforementioned factors, having a good eye in pointing out mistakes in your own work is a quality that success-oriented real estate agents should possess.

  6. Be Organized - A well-organized professional real estate agent is a born champion. Being organized is important for every person to be successful, no matter what profession you are in. Likewise in your case of selling real estate, your work can get really messy at times, and this may lead you to many problems. So start off with organizing your computer by keeping records of your listings, your vendors and your buyers. Having a good Customer Relationship Management System is a 'must-have' keeping yourself organized and making your tasks lighter. RELACS is build for this purpose and will be a great help to you. The key is: "Don't work hard, work SMART!".

  7. Be yourself - Last but not least, it may be the single most important piece of advice you will ever here. I am not sure why, but many agents feel that they need to put on a personality in order to sell houses, don't do this. Chances are that your clients can tell when you are putting on a show, and as soon as they realise it, they are out the door. Just be yourself, it's the easiest role you can play anyway. Be sincere, genuinely and, ... try to help people and your business will thrive.

Wrapping it All Up

Working in the real estate business is a challenging field. Success in this field actually requires patience and determination to cope with every situation that presents itself, and never to be discouraged whenever things do not go exactly as expected. What you will need in order to make a success of your career in real estate business is persistence and having an I can do it and never give up attitude. Many of you must already be practicing one or many of these tips in your professional life well. However, my aim is to guide the ones who are unaware of these success factors as yet, and to remind those who already know them well.

Good luck!

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