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RELACS is a modular system, meaning you can expand RELACS to suit your requirements.

    ( CMS )
    This is where RELACS performs superbly and enables YOU as an agent to relax. Each agent can login to their own private CMS to maintain their own vendors & buyers database.
    Although there are still some agents out there who believe a computer database systems is not required to function efficiently, time has proven that they are wrong. Most agents working in today's highly competitive market are convinced that a good software program is a great help in becoming more effective and more efficient and achieving their real estate targets.

    But not only that, RELACS stimulates relationships between you and your clients, resulting in more productivity and more sales!

    Relax with RELACS RELACS alarms you with a list of only Vendors & Buyers that are due for follow-up and need attention today. No need for a diary, no more tedious searching through pages and pages searching for clients needing any follow-up, and "...oh, what did I agree with this vendor again?".

    RELACS' CMS not only reminds you of any clients that need attention but also allows you to enter related information as a client's history track, like:
    • General information about this client, e.g. "However, would like to sell before end of August. Willing to drop price in July".
    • Agreement, e.g.: "15 Jun 2019: Discussed advertising and agreed to spend $1000"
    • Follow up information, e.g.: "Call 19 Jun 2019: Discuss progress and auction information".
    • Email reminder, e.g.: "Send email about ...".
    RELACS will not only make life easier for you, it will also result in more sales!
    And don't forget, you can relax with RELACS!


    This feature shows the list of your target buyers with properties matching their personal requirements (as per your current Properties Database).
    • A single click on the email icon will send the buyer a personalised branded email with a list of matching properties. This list of properties contains a hyperlink for each matching property. A click on any of these links will take them directly to the corresponding Property Details webpage.
      Text and colours used in this email will be changed to suit your personal preference and branding.
    • In case you would like to phone them, then just click the buyer's icon, opening his/her contact details etc.
    RELACS Email
    Email sent to buyer matching their personal requirements
    ( Text and header will be modified matching your branding )


    This add-on module has been specifically designed for office usage, showing a graphical presentation of:
    • hits for each listing for a selected week (active listings only) and the percentage relative to other listings (ordered by listing with highest hits)
    • hits over the last 52 weeks and the percentage in relation to total year's hits (for the selected listing)
    RELACS Statistics
    Hits for all listings for a selected week
    ordered by highest hits
    RELACS Statistics
    Hits for the last 52 weeks for the selected listing
    (the current week is in red)

Call us now for more detailed information.

PS: Do you have any features you would like see added? No problem, discuss it with us and we can incorporate this for you.
RELACS All due-list

Due-list Dashboard - Vendors & Buyers

RELACS Buyers due-list

Buyers Follow-up list. The icon indicates the state of each client, while clicking the icon takes you to the client's related Details & Follow-up page.

RELACS Buyers details

Buyers details

RELACS Buyers details

Vendor details

RELACS Buyers details

Vendor details
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