RELACS - Real Estate Listing & Contact Management System RELACS - Real Estate Listing & Contact Management System

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The complete Real Estate Solution - RELACS

RELACS is a unique combination of Website Property Publication integrated with an easy to use Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).
Manage your valuable clients (vendors and purchasers) and their properties with ease. RELACS' database holds all related information and is, because it is a 100% web-based system, always there for you to access - wherever you are, 24/7. From a salesperson's perspective, it's a beautiful thing. Whether you are on a holiday, at a friend or elsewhere, it doesn't matter any more as your virtual office can be accessed from anywhere you are!

RELACS is a very affordable and sophisticated system, available as an Individual Agent System or as a Multi-agent Office System. It will help you making your busy real estate life easier, more efficient and more relaxed!

Don't work hard, work SMART!

Today's real estate business is all about communication and service. RELACS is a system that keeps records of all your clients' details (contact details, notes, advertising info, appointments, agreements, etc.) and reminds when any of your clients requires follow-up.
Agents in the top 25% stay in touch with all their past clients using a system to leverage their efforts, resulting in more sales. This in contrast with agents who do not use all possible resources, making their task ineffective and hard, resulting in poor performance despite their best intentions.

Check-out the features and 12 reasons and see that RELACS is the right solution for you!

Features Summary

  1. Office use with multiple agents (also Multi-Office), or
  2. Individual agent use
  3. 100% Web-based
  4. Accessable world wide, 24/7 from PC, iPad, etc
  5. Property Listing: Open Homes, Property Search with filter, Google mapping, etc
  6. Contact Relationship Management (for each agent)
    • 100% confidential for each agent
    • Vendors / Buyers database
    • Follow-up details for each client
    • Follow-up due Alarm for each client
    • Match Buyers with Properties
    • Auto email system
    • ... and much more
  7. Personal branding; colours, text, logo, etc.
  8. Page Content Management
  9. Add-on modules, like statistics in a graph
  10. Your personal domain name with email accounts
  11. No need making backups
  12. No need for installation
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Relax with RELACS
As you obviously are aware of, working in real estate can be a demanding and stressful business. However, RELACS will help you by making life easier in many ways, like focussing on clients that need attention today and emailing your buyers with a list of up-to-date matching properties at the click of a button.

Given our team's many years of experience in building real estate software we believe today's RELACS will give you the edge in your every day's Customer Relationship Management and property web publication.
Don't work hard, work SMART
and relax with RELACS!
12 Reasons why you'll like RELACS

  1. Relax with RELACS as it takes a whole load of work of your mind.
  2. RELACS stimulates relationships between you and your clients (e.g. by 'knowing' their children, pets, etc), resulting in a stronger bond and eventually in more productivity and more sales.
  3. RELACS has been developed by real estate people for real estate people!
  4. Very easy to use interface, anybody can drive it!
  5. Access your clients' information from anywhere you are.
  6. Secure user/password access, protecting your valuable database.
  7. Integrated add-on modules as required.
  8. No need for making backups of your database (will be taken care of).
  9. Subscription based, keeping your running cost to a minimum.
  10. Free Help-desk.
  11. Free updates and upgrades.
  12. No software installation, software updates, or server problems.

The first version of RELACS was a PC application developed in 2002 and has proven a great success at many real estate offices and agents like e.g. Harveys.

As RELACS is being used my many people working in the real estate business, RELACS advances continuously resulting in updates and upgrades free to each subscribed user.

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Screen shots of RELACS

Note that your business name, logo, colours and any other associated information will be used on your website to match your branding.

Run RELACS on a PC or Laptop, or ...

on your iPhone ...


... or on your iPad or Tablet ...


... and have all your listing information with you,
any time, anywhere!
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